Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Future Cruises?

I do have some cruises planned! (1) Western Caribbean on the Norwegian Jewel in November. Purchased airplane tickets yesterday, now looking at hotels! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Travel BLOG 2: Norwegian EPIC cruise 2010

What do you think of when you hear the word EPIC? EPIC Fail? EPIC win? Well I think of the Norwegian EPIC, who just happens to be the 3rd largest cruise ship in the world. We went on this ship in 2010 with my aunt and Cousin. They both liked it! It was their first time cruising:) Here is my review from the EPIC cruise (taken from my review on cruiselinefans.com)

Accommodation: I shared a room with my Aunt and Cousin, Inside stateroom. My aunt really liked how the room was dark 24/7 and we could sleep in if needed. It works well for 3 people, 4 would be too many:)
Shore Excursions: Didn't do any... went and kind of did our own things.
Entertainment/activities: I personally didn't do much in this category, but we did see the Blue Man Group. That was a wonderful show! My dad and Aunt went and saw a comedy show on the EPIC though. The Slime Time Live was good as well, brothers liked that.
Kids Facilities: Since I am only a teen, cousin is as well, the teens club was a lot of fun. Me and my cousin hung out there a lot. My two younger brothers went to the Kids Club aboard. They had a lot of fun there!
Dining: The food was amazing! My cousin really liked the steaks and I really liked the Macaroni and Cheese (Quite a comfort food for me). Our favorite restaurant was Taste. That is the one in the center of the ship with the Chandelier above it.
Staff/Service: The staff was amazing and the service was excellent. Our room steward made sure that every night, the bunk bed was pulled down for my cousin. They also kept our room very clean and neat (even with our messes).
Overall, I would defiantly recommend this ship to friends and family. I really loved going on her and can't wait to hopefully go on her Sisters, Breakaway and Getaway.
This ship is defiantly a recommender:) She is big, and you may get lost like my cousin and I did, but it is very fun. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Travel Blog 1: Overview and Review of the Norwegian Sun Cruise 2011

Now, If you ever want to go on a cruise, defiantly pick the Norwegian Sun. She is small yes, but a lot can happen on a small ship. Here is my review on her: (This was taken from my review on Sun on cruiselinefans.com)

Accommodations: Our room was kinda small for 5 people, But it worked out well because many of us were gone most of the time. Our room Steward made sure that our room was ready for the night and cleaned for the day. 

Shore Excursions: I have never done an excursion on a cruise, we always just go shopping anyway! :)
Entertainment/Activities: There was a lot to do, the Not-So NewlyWed Game show was hilarious! This was actually my first year going to the show. I also went with a friend and her mom to Karaoke one night. That was totally fun!!! 

Kids Facilities: They were well kept and clean. I have two younger brothers who went to Kids Club on board, while I went to the Teens Club. It was very fun! 

Dining: Oh my gosh. The food was amazing! I haven't been to the Seven Seas Restaurant in ages! (Last time was on the Sky). The food was good! 

Staff/Service: We had a very friendly room Steward, who would always make sure we were happy. He would always go and get more towels for us if we needed them. One of the Teen Club staff members remembered me from the Norwegian EPIC a year before. It was nice to see him again! 

I totally recommend going on the Sun (aka Little Girl, Ask about how she got that nickname and I will tell you)

Defiantly take a cruise on the Sun:) You will have a lot of fun if you do!